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3 tips for safely sharing the road with farm equipment

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Living in an agricultural location periodically puts drivers in contact with farm equipment. There are times when farm equipment must utilize public roads to move between fields.

Since farmers are legally able to drive their farm equipment on public highways, it can pose a liability for other motorists in standard cars or trucks. Failing to pay attention to farm equipment while traveling on the road could increase the risk of an accident. Follow these tips to increase your safety.

1. Be patient

Farmers recognize that moving down the highway at 15 or 20 miles an hour is not convenient for those hurrying to go about their business or get to work. Considerate farmers will often wait for a safe and appropriate spot to pull over and let the string of traffic following behind the machinery pass. Do not force the equipment to the side. You could force the driver into an unsafe condition where the equipment tips over.

2. Make your presence known

If you do plan to pass the farmer, use the horn of your car to signal that you are there and preparing to pass. Farm equipment is very loud, leaving many farmers unaware that you are there.

3. Give some room

Farm equipment is much wider than a standard car or truck, and at times, the equipment itself exceeds the width of the travel lane. Yield to any wide vehicle you see, pulling over the side of the road as necessary to allow it to pass.

Driving courteously on roads with farmers will ensure that both you and the farmer make it safely to your next destination. Pay attention to the size, distance and location of farm equipment when passing or following.