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Get Help Pursuing The Compensation You Deserve After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Traffic accidents have all kinds of legal ramifications. In addition to dealing with other drivers, you may also have to navigate issues with your insurance – and theirs. Even in single-car accidents, poor road design or other factors may make other parties responsible for your injuries. Seeking legal counsel is a critical step in securing the compensation you deserve.

Talk To A Lawyer Sooner Rather Than Later

After an accident, it can be tempting to handle the legal and insurance matters on your own. But you may quickly find yourself in over your head. Don’t wait until it gets overwhelming to enlist the help of a trusted attorney.

At Yervasi Law P.C. in Baker City, you will find a dependable, knowledgeable advocate with nearly three decades of personal injury experience. Lawyer Damien Yervasi is skilled at handling even the most complex motor vehicle accident cases. You can rely on him for guidance on:

  • Car accidents: Attorney Yervasi handles all kinds of auto accident claims, including distracted driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, collisions with livestock and hit-and-runs.
  • Trucking accidents: These cases can be highly complicated, involving multiple parties and extensive investigations. You can rely on attorney Yervasi to guide you through the intricacies and obstacles that could arise in your truck accident case.
  • Motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents: Frequently, these cases involve motorists who weren’t paying attention or made serious misjudgments. Attorney Yervasi knows how to hold negligent drivers accountable when they cause devastating motorcycle crashes, bicycle accidents or pedestrian injuries.
  • Fatal accidents: When a traffic incident results in fatal injuries, loved ones are left to pick up the pieces. Yervasi Law provides caring and effective representation in wrongful death claims.

Attorney Yervasi can help you with all aspects of your claim – from negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf to filing a personal injury lawsuit, to pursuing a favorable out-of-court settlement or verdict. Accomplished in the courtroom, he knows how to present a strong case at trial.

Enlist An Eastern Oregon Traffic Accident Lawyer Who Is Dependable And Responsive

When working with a lawyer, you deserve timely responses to your questions and concerns. Attorney Yervasi makes prompt communication and dependable client service a priority.

To get in touch, call 541-403-5541 or fill out the online contact form for a free consultation with attorney Yervasi.